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About the session

Warm weather, stagnant water, and sunshine are some of the common conditions that cause toxic algal blooms. The Stanley A. Mahr reservoir is part of the Vallecitos Water District water re-use facility in California. Despite meeting all the conditions that promote algae growth, the management of the facility has ensured high quality water using appropriate water treatment methods

In the agenda
  • How to reduce TSS, pH, and increase DO levels (Case Study)
  • Why nutrient pollution regulations won't stop occurrence of algal blooms
  • How to reduce algal blooms without using harmful chemicals
  • How Vallecitos Water District maintains high quality water for re-use purposes
  • LG Sonic technology: technology adoption, installation, maintanance
  • Q&A

About the speakers
  • Dawn McDougle is a Wastewater Treatment Plant Supervisor at Vallecitos Water District. She joined the company 28 years ago in the position of Environmental Compliance Inspector, building an expertise in treatment processes. In 2018, the San Diego Chapter of the California Water Environment Association recognized Dawn McDougle, as Supervisor of the Year for her 28 year commitment to excellence, safety and protecting the environment.
  • Greg Eiffert is the Director of LG Sonic US. He has been the leader in the development of ultrasound technology in the United States, establishing it as one of the references in chemical-free algae treatment. He has more than 15 years of experience in the water industry, with expertise in operational and commercial areas.
  • Dawn McDougle - Wastewater Treatment Plant Supervisor at Vallecitos Water District
  • Greg Eiffert - Director LG Sonic US

1 hour

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